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Energy Star

Riverstone is going even GREENER!

We’re excited to announce that Riverstone International School's elementary school building has earned EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification! This certifies that the elementary school building is achieving energy performance in the top 25 percent of similar buildings nationwide. Here’s to many more years of cutting energy waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and doing our part to protect the environment! Read More
A Raised Bed for the Elementary School

As I thumb through Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv I encounter countless examples and case studies of the benefits of outdoor education from around the globe. The concept that environmental enrichment in education facilitates improvements in the lives of students is not a new one - for over a century programs like Waldorf and Montessori schools have used the outdoors to facilitate enhanced learning opportunities for their students. Read More


Our Vision: A sustainable future facilitated through school experiences.

Green thumbs up!



About Me

Hi, I'm Blake Schnebly and I believe in SustainingUS. I started this organization to create positive changes. I grew up in Hailey, ID and I have spent most of my life loving the outdoors and the outdoor classroom. I believe in experiential education, from-scratch cooking, local food, sustainable consumption, and the power of community.


Facilitate student driven experiences, encouraging the creation of novel solutions to current resource based issues


Encouraging a triple bottom-line approach to best use our resources in the most efficient way, ensuring a high quality of life today and forever.


There is amazing education and perspective that can be gained by real life experiences, the outdoor classroom is a powerful tool.