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Energy Star

Riverstone is going even GREENER! We’re excited to announce that Riverstone International School's elementary school building has earned EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification! This certifies that the elementary school building is achieving energy performance in the top 25 percent of similar buildings nationwide. Here’s to many more years of cutting energy waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and doing our part to protect the environment! What is even better than saving money by reducing energy use? What about saving money while improving the quality of our indoor environment and using fewer resources to reduce the natural capital needed to educat Continue Reading...

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Green Cones

Riverstone International School is going GREEN (cones) Riverstone is not new to exploring alternative methods for waste disposal on campus. We have been using red wiggler worms for vermiculture for many years now. However, there are challenges when working with biological systems like worms - they have limited types of food that should be fed to them (no dairy, fat, citrus) and they need to be climate-controlled in the harsh winters & hot summers. (more…)

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Introducing the Riverstone Green Team!

Call them the Green Team or call them the Plant Club or maybe something else! Whatever they choose to call themselves I call them amazing! This group of students is choosing to take time out of their lunch to help make their campus environment a happier healthier place. (more…)

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A Raised Bed for the Elementary School

As I thumb through Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv I encounter countless examples and case studies of the benefits of outdoor education from around the globe. The concept that environmental enrichment in education facilitates improvements in the lives of students is not a new one - for over a century programs like Waldorf and Montessori schools have used the outdoors to facilitate enhanced learning opportunities for their students. (more…)

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Day of Service 2016

In the middle of March we hosted a day of service at Riverstone with many different goals in mind. (more…)

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Paper Planting Pots – Tutorial

I own two special jigs for making paper planting pots from repurposed newspaper. However, there are plenty of materials around the house that will allow you to make your own pots without buying anything! Here is a tutorial of the process I have learned works best for me to make paper pots for spring garden starts. I hope you find it as successful as I do! (more…)

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Planting Seeds with Recycled Materials

Spring is here! You can feel it in the weather and by watching the landscapes turn green all around the Treasure Valley. There is something special about this time of the year, and it’s the perfect time to start summer garden vegetables.   (more…)

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