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Sustainability Coordinator

Big things are happening at Riverstone International School A huge shout-out to Riverstone International School! This year they created a novel position for the school, a Sustainability Coordinator. Congratulations to Ben Brock for the transition to a new position! (more…)

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Introducing the Riverstone Green Team!

Call them the Green Team or call them the Plant Club or maybe something else! Whatever they choose to call themselves I call them amazing! This group of students is choosing to take time out of their lunch to help make their campus environment a happier healthier place. (more…)

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Day of Service 2016

In the middle of March we hosted a day of service at Riverstone with many different goals in mind. (more…)

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Paper Planting Pots – Tutorial

I own two special jigs for making paper planting pots from repurposed newspaper. However, there are plenty of materials around the house that will allow you to make your own pots without buying anything! Here is a tutorial of the process I have learned works best for me to make paper pots for spring garden starts. I hope you find it as successful as I do! (more…)

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Planting Seeds with Recycled Materials

Spring is here! You can feel it in the weather and by watching the landscapes turn green all around the Treasure Valley. There is something special about this time of the year, and it’s the perfect time to start summer garden vegetables.   (more…)

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Aquaponics at Riverstone

This spring we investigated the possibility of an aquaponics unit for the Design Technology curriculum, but eventually discovered that the project might not fit the design cycle very well for a sustainability exploration in the DT class. (more…)

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Exploring Fungi with Eagle Montessori Academy

  Ms. Maria,  a 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade teacher at Eagle Montessori Academy, invited me to guest speak to her second and third graders to support their exploration of the Fungus Kingdom. We invited Ms. Aryn's 2nd and 3rd graders to watch the presentation too. (more…)

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Senior Biology and a Riverstone Arboretum

In early November, Samantha Cole, one of the middle and high school science teachers at Riverstone, invited me to guest speak to her 12th grade Biology class. They are working on their evolution unit right now and are covering the concepts of binomial nomenclature, hierarchy of taxa, reclassification due to molecular discoveries, using and making a dichotomous key, and cladistics. I wanted to apply these concepts towards a fun field trip around campus and create a valuable resource at the same time - keying the trees on campus with a goal of mapping and signing some of the trees around campus facilitating the beginning of a student created campus collection garden. (more…)

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Winter Garden and Some Unexpected Guests!

Riverstone has a pretty cool club of students that meets weekly at lunch- the Vegetarian Club. They bring in vegetarian potluck-style dishes and share a meal together. This year we invited the Vege Club to partake in the spoils of the summer garden and invited them to plant a winter garden so they can reap the benefits of the garden throughout the school year as well! (more…)

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