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Sustainability Coordinator

Big things are happening at Riverstone International School A huge shout-out to Riverstone International School! This year they created a novel position for the school, a Sustainability Coordinator. Congratulations to Ben Brock for the transition to a new position! (more…)

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Energy Star

Riverstone is going even GREENER! We’re excited to announce that Riverstone International School's elementary school building has earned EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification! This certifies that the elementary school building is achieving energy performance in the top 25 percent of similar buildings nationwide. Here’s to many more years of cutting energy waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and doing our part to protect the environment! What is even better than saving money by reducing energy use? What about saving money while improving the quality of our indoor environment and using fewer resources to reduce the natural capital needed to educat Continue Reading...

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A Raised Bed for the Elementary School

As I thumb through Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv I encounter countless examples and case studies of the benefits of outdoor education from around the globe. The concept that environmental enrichment in education facilitates improvements in the lives of students is not a new one - for over a century programs like Waldorf and Montessori schools have used the outdoors to facilitate enhanced learning opportunities for their students. (more…)

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Day of Service 2016

In the middle of March we hosted a day of service at Riverstone with many different goals in mind. (more…)

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Riverstone Worm Bin

Riverstone is not new to having worms in the classroom, last year I donated a third "worm apartment" so that there were places for students to dispose of food waste via vermiculture in all three schools. (Riverstone also has a large compost bin near the garden that the students can utilize). However, these worm apartments are not really of the appropriate scale to serve a campus populace and were actually more of an education and outreach approach to the ultimate goal- a commercial sized worm bin. (more…)

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Butterflies, bioswale…and of course, a little less turf grass!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of coordinating the installation of a Butterfly and Pollinator Garden with the Riverstone Outdoor Program and Ben Brock, the director of the program. We found a piece of campus that with small changes would have a big impact on the grounds as a whole. Along the parking lot and draining towards the Elementary school was a ditch (swale) that was intended to capture the rain runoff and allow for percolation in to the water table below - check out what ideas we had to improve it! (more…)

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Salsa garden reinvented, Garden Market on the horizon for this fall

The Riverstone International School garden did quite well this year. Our aim last spring was to plant ingredients so that we could make salsa this fall. We grew a lot of produce and tons of peppers, unfortunately, like some farms in the area, our tomatoes did not thrive this year. We therefore find ourselves short one ingredient for a salsa making party.... (more…)

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Design Technology – Sustainability Unit – Water Focus

This semester I had the pleasure of working with a teacher named Jim Harper on a Sustainability Unit in his Design Technology course. We were able to involve the entire Middle Years group: 6th, 7th and 8th grades. The aim of our course was (and still is) to actually utilize the school garden for teaching and food (last year it was a monoculture of sunflowers). In this unit we found that having the students create and design a salsa garden would fulfill many of our needs with a fairly low maintenance garden over the summer months. In the fall we intend to teach the students to make and can salsa. (more…)

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SustainingUS welcomes partnership with Riverstone International School

SustainingUS is excited to announce that we are partnering with Riverstone International School to further sustainability in the school! Our aim is to develop exciting new programs, to support the creation of sustainable curricula, and to provide direction and resources towards the implementation of these programs. SustainingUS hopes to see this partnership blossom into a school-wide program. We envision many possible directions for growth including: a Student Sustainability Pledge, a Design Tech course and incorporation of a garden into more grade levels and novel ways to incorporate technology into the outdoor classroom. SustainingUS believes that Riverstone International School is the perfect place to showcase what is possible when motivated educators and administrators unite to work towards a common goal.

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