Salsa garden reinvented, Garden Market on the horizon for this fall

The Riverstone International School garden did quite well this year. Our aim last spring was to plant ingredients so that we could make salsa this fall. We grew a lot of produce and tons of peppers, unfortunately, like some farms in the area, our tomatoes did not thrive this year. We therefore find ourselves short one ingredient for a salsa making party….

Instead, we will have the students harvest the rest of the garden and use it to raise awareness about the garden, the students can bundle the ingredients into everything but tomatoes for a salsa batch or sell them individually. It will be a Garden Market. Of course there is still plenty of produce still coming on in the garden, eggplant, cucumber, perhaps the beans will fruit too, and there are a few squash mixed in there as well. Even doing a Garden Market, there will still be produce to share with the Vegetarian Club to cook with as well as food for a cool startup non-profit that teaches students to cook.

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