Planting Seeds with Recycled Materials
Spring is here! You can feel it in the weather and by watching the landscapes turn green all around the Treasure Valley. There is something special about this time of the year, and it’s the perfect time to start summer garden vegetables.
Ben Brock and I invited the Riverstone Pre-K class into the middle school science lab to participate in two activities to explore the wonder of germinating seeds.
For the first activity, we designed a planting system using recycled paper to make pots (see Paper Planting Pot Tutorial) and divided the class and let them plant the starts for the school garden this summer.
For the second activity, we provided sheets of newspaper, paste, and marigold seeds for them to create seed planting sheets with their initials on them. These seed laden sheets of paper were then planted as part of the Day of Service project to increase bird and pollinator habitat on campus and beautify a bed at the main entrance of the school!

Once the weather warms up a little bit more these garden plants will be moved out to cold frames in the garden (which Mr. Harper’s 7th grade Design Technology class is already designing and building this Spring)!

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