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Butterflies, bioswale…and of course, a little less turf grass!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of coordinating the installation of a Butterfly and Pollinator Garden with the Riverstone Outdoor Program and Ben Brock, the director of the program. We found a piece of campus that with small changes would have a big impact on the grounds as a whole. Along the parking lot and draining towards the Elementary school was a ditch (swale) that was intended to capture the rain runoff and allow for percolation in to the water table below - check out what ideas we had to

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Design Technology – Sustainability Unit – Water Focus

This semester I had the pleasure of working with a teacher named Jim Harper on a Sustainability Unit in his Design Technology course. We were able to involve the entire Middle Years group: 6th, 7th and 8th grades. The aim of our course was (and still is) to actually utilize the school garden for teaching and food (last year it was a monoculture of sunflowers). In this unit we found that having the students create and design a salsa garden would fulfill many of our needs with a fairly low mainten

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Earth Week Sustainability Pledges – Riverstone International School

Student leaders made sustainability pledges and challenged their community to do the same! For the past few months SustainingUS, with the help of Ben Brock, has been meeting with various student leadership groups at Riverstone International School to discuss the things that they want to see as part of a sustainability program at their school. The Outdoor Leadership, Students for Social Change and Athletic Leadership groups all have different goals and desires in the problems they want solved,

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Student Service Projects – Campus Improvement – a more native and healthy landscape

Each semester the students of Riverstone International School in Boise, Idaho undertake service projects during their parent-teacher conferences. The scope of the service projects is wide-ranging and includes several off-campus options for volunteering with local organizations and on-campus projects. This year students volunteered at Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS), Idaho Youth Ranch, Create Common Good and the Discovery Center, while other groups helped improve our local ecosystems and green s

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Our Vision: A sustainable future facilitated through school experiences.

Green thumbs up!




Facilitate student driven experiences, encouraging the creation of novel solutions to current resource based issues


Encouraging a triple bottom-line approach to best use our resources in the most efficient way, ensuring a high quality of life today and forever.


There is amazing education and perspective that can be gained by real life experiences, the outdoor classroom is a powerful tool.

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