Project GREEN Teacher Sustainability Summit 2023

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Recap- Project Green 2022

We had an amazing Project GREEN Conference this June. Click here to see our amazing presenters, sponsors and read our story.

SustainingUS Triple-Bottom-Line Sustainability

In the cloud of COVID-19 there are many sustainability silver linings.

Change brings opportunities and individual changes at a global scale can impart a massive impact! As we create new norms and reprogram our social behaviors there are opportunities to becoming, greener, more efficient, more profitable, and more socially equitable. Explore your behaviors with us and find the best path for your classroom, school, or company. Contact SustainingUS for your consultation.

About Me

Hi, I’m Blake Schnebly and I believe in SustainingUS. I started this organization to create positive changes. I grew up in Hailey, ID and I have spent most of my life loving the outdoors and the outdoor classroom. I believe in experiential education, from-scratch cooking, local food, sustainable consumption, and the power of community. I received my Bachelor’s from Colorado College in Environmental Science with an emphasis in chemistry. I earned my Master’s degree in Environmental Horticulture, with an ecosystem restoration focus from the University of Washington. I moved back to Idaho and landed in Boise where I found that there is need to create more sustainable communities and lifestyles.

I am Blake Schnebly and I am SustainingUS.



There is amazing education and perspective that can be gained by real life experiences, the outdoor classroom is a powerful tool.



Enabling a triple bottom-line approach to ensure a high quality of life today and forever.



Facilitate student driven experiences, encouraging the creation of novel solutions to current resource based issues.