Adding Diversity to our Indoor Planters

Adding Diversity to our Indoor Planters

Indoor Plants

There are so many benefits to having living plants in indoor and especially in educational spaces. Indoor plants are important for mental health; they contribute to feelings of peace and solitude, and are inherently calming. Several years ago the Riverstone Green Team propagated many of these plants so we could have talking points around indoor air quality (Snake Plant Blog). At that time their investigations we uncovered some really interesting air quality issues and we got to improve the air and learning environment in many of the buildings around the school as a result!

Can you identify some of the plants in the planters?

Look for: Sanseveria, Aloe Vera, Begonia, Pineapple, Coffee, Papaya.

What about the Cacti? We planted: Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Barrel, and Pencil!

We made signs and placed them in the plantings to help celebrate the benefit of this Green Team project and to help recruit the next generation of planters to keep the school Green for years to come!