3rd annual Project G.R.E.E.N. Teacher Summit

August 3-4th, 2021

Boise, ID

The goal of Project G.R.E.E.N. (Green Resources and Environmental Educator Network) is to encourage sustainability in Southwestern Idaho and beyond by supporting K-12 educators. More specifically, Project GREEN is designed to: provide an opportunity for educator networking and making connections to encourage communication outside of the Summit, inform and engage the teachers with available resources throughout the state, and provide a venue for the dissemination of current information and resources from the stakeholders/experts in the community (providing a united group of goals and objectives).

Project GREEN 2021 Summit Details


The 2021 Project GREEN Summit will be hosted by the Boise School District and Boise WaterShed in Boise, ID! The theme is Canopy- things are looking up!

Incorporating sustainability into your classroom is rewarding and empowering. Attend Project GREEN’s 3rd annual Teacher Summit to join a growing sustainability network and learn about resources, projects, field trips and curriculum to address local, regional and global issues and discover solutions. This year’s focus is on climate, xeriscaping, native plants, tree canopy and the outdoors.

Covid Mitigation Plan

This year we will be adapting to CDC best practices as they change and our populace becomes more vaccinated. We plan to be safe and follow all the pertinent laws and regulations. Because of the rate of change of the current best practices for safety we will send out our announcements for participation closer to the event.

Food. Coffee and Lunch

We will provide some individually wrapped snacks and coffee in the mornings. This year we as you to bring a sack lunch and “leave-no-trace” by packing in and out your trash, recycling, compost and leftovers! This will allow us to make some really fun changes to other parts of the summit to ensure you are safe and that you are getting all of the resources you want to be a more sustainable teacher!

Two Venues- double the fun!

This year we are able to use Hawthorne Elementary school and the Boise WaterShed as venues and we can explore all levels of the canopy from the xeric foothills to the mesic wetlands.

Registration Details

Registration is open for early bird (specific districts) and at-large sign-ups.

Registration for the Summit is $40 for the 2021 Summit. There is one CE credit available for attending Project GREEN and we will provide that link to participants seeking CE credits at a later time. Those participants must also register with NNU and pay them $60 for credit.


If you want to be part of the planning committee, present at the summit or if you want to share a short success story from your classroom or office, please fill out this form to join the growing group of professionals and teachers dedicating their time to facilitating sustainable experiences for our region.

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Call for proposals!

We are always looking for participants, committee members, speakers, presenters and subject experts. Let us know which areas you are interested in by filling out this form and we will be in touch.

Thank you to our Sponsors and Contributors!

Thanks to all the volunteers, teachers and professionals who give their time to make this event so meaningful and successful.

2019 Summit Recap


The 2019 Project GREEN Teacher Summit was a great success! Over the two day event, we had great speakers and breakout presenters, but the shining stars were several impressive groups of students who displayed leadership, learning, and the desire to create their own sustainable future by finding successes in their schools with supportive mentors and administrators.


Thank you to everyone who helped plan the event and all our attendees, and a special thank you to our keynote speaker Dennis Nelson, President & CEO of Project WET!