Project GREEN Sustainability Summit 2022

Thank You Presenters, Sponsors and Supporters!

4th annual Project G.R.E.E.N. Teacher Summit

June 9-10th, 2022

Bogus Basin and Idaho City, Idaho

Project GREEN 2022 Summit Details

The 2022 Project GREEN Summit was an amazing success. We were at Highlands Elementary School and Bogus Basin the first day, with a great lunch and awards from the Idaho Environmental Education Association (IdEEA). The second day of the Summit was at the Idaho Center for Outdoor Learning at the Basin School District in Idaho City, ID. The theme GET OUT! Rediscovering the Outdoor Classroom was and we highlighted our local school yards, local public lands like Bogus and dug deeply into the forest on the Idaho City grounds. Idaho provides so many outdoors opportunities and we really enjoyed facilitating educators getting their students outside more often to learn.

A huge thank you to all of our partners – the Summit would not be possible without you!

Morning @ Highlands Elementary School

  • Students presented on topics of their passion and how teachers facilitated their success
  • Introduced the Project GREEN committee of volunteer planners and encouraged participants to network with each other
  • Great presentation from Erica Hermsen, Director at EverWild Forest School: “Nature Nurtures: How Nature Connection in Childhood Promotes Positive Academic, Social and Physical Outcomes through Adulthood.” Erica discussed research that shows how nature immersion can improve outcomes in children that last well into adulthood, and further explained how the type and length of outdoor exposure imparts varying levels of benefits.
  • IdEEA presented their Environmental Educator of the Year awards. Congratulations to Lynette Weller, Maggie Stover and Augie Gabrielle!

Afternoon @ Bogus Basin

  • We met with the forestry team who headed up the afternoon:
    • Michelle Youngquist – Education Program Manager, Idaho Forest Product Commission and Project Learning Tree
    • Dirk Anderson – Environmental Education and Stewardship Coordinator, Bogus Basin
    • George Nuesse and Dan Gallagher – Idaho Department of Lands
  • We explored “The Trees of Bogus Basin: Exploring Our Mountain Canopy”
  • We learned about the Good Neighbor Authority and the forest restoration project that works to keep the forests at Bogus Basin healthy and reduce the impact of dwarf mistletoe.
  • We took a hike with our forester guides to see the trees and learn about how the mountain recreation area aims to engage the community in outdoor and environmental education. We practiced ecological surveying, tree health assessments and learned tools and techniques to use in the school yard to engage students with their curriculum and the outdoors.

Day 2 @ ICOE

On day two we had an amazing line-up at the Idaho Center for Outdoor Education in Idaho City.

  • Natalie Kulick presented on her Murdock research: Soils Investigation and Succession Using Dendrochronology. Natalie led us through the Idaho City outdoor campus through soils exploration in the historic mining soils of Idaho City and offered ideas for bringing those inquiries into your classroom.

Breakout groups

  • Danielle Marquette – BSU Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Geosciences. Presented K-12 wildfire education.
  • Adam Lulu and Rachel Brummet with USFS Boise National Forest, Idaho City Ranger District presented Trees and the Stories They Tell.
  • Cindy Busche, Environmental Education Manager at the City of Boise WaterShed presented on Teaching Climate Change with Project WET.
  • Camille Platts-McPharlin from the Foothills Learning Center and Janice Alexander from Boise Urban Garden School presented Bringing the Outdoors In: Environmental Education at your school.
  • Kristin Gnojewski, Community Volunteer Specialist with Boise Parks and Recreation. Kristin presented on Community Science Opportunities in the School Yard and Beyond.
  • Michelle Youngquist, Education Program Manager for the Idaho Forest Products Commission and state coordinator for Project Learning Tree, presented Inquiry Outside the Classroom Door.

Place Based Experience (PBE) Activities

  • Art Butts, the Fish Restoration & Conservation Coordinator with the IDFG did a fish shocking demonstration in the stream. We found several non-native game fish but no trout – not what we were expecting! Science is so cool! We also learned how to collect data including fish weight, age and size, and discussed fish habitats.
  • Lori Adams, the Project WILD Coordinator with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, teaches workshops to teachers on incorporating wildlife education into their classrooms. Lori brought out an awesome collection of beaver materials set up next to an actual beaver dam. Beavers are our native ecosystem engineers, and she used them as one example of how wildlife can be incorporated into curriculum.

Request for Proposals 2023!

Call for presenters and past grant winners. We would love to have you present on your sustainability successes and share the pathways you found to enable your students to thrive in creating a more sustainable future for themselves!

If you are interested in sharing a 5 minute success story or presenting a larger topic about sustainability in your classroom that other teachers could adopt then…

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Thank you to our 2022 Sponsors and Contributors!

Thanks to all the volunteers, teachers and professionals who give their time to make this event so meaningful and successful.

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2021 Summit Recap


The 2021 Project GREEN Teacher Sustainability Summit was a great success! A big thank you to Treasure Valley Canopy Network and all of our sponsors and presenters. We have amazing teachers and students who are really making a difference. A big thank you to the Project GREEN planning committee that makes this event meaningful and successful year after year.